The magical relationship between music and time

Whoever is a musician knows: learning to play an instrument is a process of self-knowledge that requires time and dedication.

When the audience listens to a 4-minute song, they often have no idea of ​​the time spent by the artist to condense several hours of study in such a short time.

Working as a musician implies  working with time. We use a metronome, a device that measures or time the music in beats per minute for.

Example: if the song has 60 BPMs, it means that the metronome measures a beat every second. A song with 120 BPMs means metronome measures 2 beats every second. This roughly illustrates the musician’s connection with time.

The time on how many notes we can play in a given measure for those with an arrangement, etc. Logically, a large number of notes is known how many notes and how many notes the sound is more beautiful in some moments of the music. The dosage between time and good taste is essential. It all depends on the sound you seek within a determined style, always thinking about transmitting emotion to the audience. Not an easy task. Thrilling people using musical notes is something magical, which depends on several factors, including many hours of practice.

When I go to study music, I turn on the alarm clock to wake me up. I enter a time bubble in which I forget the time around and enter a world in which there is only me, the metronome and the guitar. The interesting thing is that, during the process, everything is defined by music, as if I were in another world, another dimension, it is something meditative. This musical meditation reorganizes my head and feeds my soul. It seems that beings that inhabit this sonorous dimension are beside me, whispering in my ears or, strangely, leading my hand along the instrument’s arm. It is as if I am in a place where the only existing law is the law of music. Its  world is governed by 3 principles: harmony, melody and rhythm.

It is no wonder that there are many songs that talk about time from various perspectives. We live surrounded by clocks and, even unconsciously, we calculate the time all the time when we are making music. Was I redundant?

Text written by Oswaldo Marques



Instagram: @oswaldoguitar

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